Planning for Longevity is Smart, But Some Financial Advisors Say “No”?

It is hard to find too many people today that have not been impacted by the costs and the additional family burdens of Long-Term Care. The advances in medical science bring longevity. With longevity comes the costs and burdens of aging. These health issues can be from illnesses, accidents or just the impact of aging.

Saint Patrick’s Day Celebrations Around the World

Over the past 200 years, Irish people have emigrated to all corners of the earth. Some left their native shores by choice but most emigrated to find work. They settled in towns and cities on the five continents, no location being too remote, too wet, too dry, too hot or too cold. It is for that reason that St Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17th all over the world – just as the festivities wane in one city they begin in the next. For 24 hours as the earth revolves and portions are brightened by the sun, a celebration begins and another one comes to a close as the sun goes down.